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The life and times of a business or a decision maker can be tough and turbulent.
More often than not you will be immersed in your day-to-day business, managing customer expectations, managing finance and ensuring cash flow.
For many decision makers, developing a commercial strategy is something that requires a a lot of time, broad sector knowledge and good networking skills.

Having a consultant being your personal "door opener" for new high level contacts, making you develop a dormant relationship globally, or developing a successful strategic BD plan firm wide can not only help you and your firm become more profitable but will also save you a lot of time for your day to day business.

Services that we provide:

  • Strategic business development planing: we help you in mapping your contacts effectively on a long term basis, transforming your BD activities into real return on investment opportunities. This service is provided for both existing and new offices openings in new countries.
  • The little Black Book connections: new high level introductions and meeting scheduling globally. *
  • CRM management: understanding and analysing what makes your clients buy your expertise in order to help you and your business interact better with clients and build a return on investment relationship management plan.

* This service is provided in Europe, Hong Kong, Dubai and the U.S. mainly for Legal, Accounting, Financial Services, luxury goods and Real Estate sectors.