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  • About the founder

CBC Ltd. was founded by Clarissa Bonnel who has worked in commercial development strategy implementation and high end networking events across various industries and countries for more than 14 years.

Before founding CBC Ltd. Clarissa has worked with some of this world’s top leading organisations and firms such as UNESCO, Prudential Financial, Mercer, Google and BDO LLP, where her intuitive BD and cultural differentiation sense has helped in increasing presence, revenue and sometimes achieving the unexpected.

Having lived and worked throughout the world, Clarissa is a successful and well established trilingual (English-French-Italian) Business and Client Development Relationship professional who was inspired to move away from the template business development formulas that have become clichéd by bringing in new ways of thinking and acting that achieve powerful results.

Her passion is bringing the unexpected to commercial development strategies, effectively challenging and turning around BD strategies. She works with various industries’ elite to ensure the latest ideas, trends and solutions are shared with clients.